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Here's the tea...


but you don’t want to overindulge in calories…

You try to focus on work,the Netflix show you’re watching, that novel you’re reading, but you can’t stop thinking about that cookie in the cookie jar, that bar of chocolate in the pantry or that leftover dessert in the fridge.

This was the struggle I had daily in particular after dinner, when that cookie monster would rear its ugly head.

A strategy I adopted was to make myself a nice cup of tea with a little sugar and a dash of milk. It would satisfy the sweetness I was craving and put that cookie monster back in its box.

I tried some flavoured tea blends & tisanes that boasted tasty dessert names to hit that sugar craving on its head, but sadly, these blends smelled amazing but didn’t deliver on the flavour.

So, I got to thinking, what if I could try and emulate my favourite desserts into premium quality flavoursome tea blends that can be enjoyed as a sweet alternative without the guilt?

And that was the beginning of my dessert tea journey and the founding of Tea-Cherie.

My tea blends are proudly blended and packed in Australia from premium quality tea leaves and only use natural flavouring and ingredients to flavour the tea leaves.

Whether you like your tea black, white, strong, weak, sweetened or unsweetened you will not be left disappointed. 

Check out the tasting notes of the tea blends on the product page to find the blends that tickle your fancy.

I hope you enjoy these teablends as much as I do.

P.S – I’m working on some more dessert tea blends

(pronounced Moo-sh-de) or just call me Muj!